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Jerry Lee Lewis
Chick'n'Band started out in 1995 upon an event dedicated to the 60th anniversary of Jerry Lee Lewis, the world's most legendary rock'n'roll star. Jerry Lee Lewis has been the role model for the singer and pianist of the band Andu Kõiv, nicknamed "Tibu" ("Chicken"), hence the name of the band. Despite studying percussion instruments at the music school, "Tibu" delved into teaching himself the piano at the age of 12. "Tibu" spotlights the distinctive nature of the band, pounding the piano with his feet, backside, chairs and anything else at hand. Pianos have withstood blood due to "Tibu's" wild style of tickling the ivories. Although band's main musical genre is rock'n'roll, it also plays the rhythms of boogie woogie and country. We managed to release our first record as well as the DVD in 2005. Besides Estonia, pianos have also been slammed at Latvian, Lithuanian, Finnish, Russian and Norwegian festivals and pubs.
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