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Dream Retro for has moved

Submitted by blues99fine (06 July 2017). Topic - Lifestyle
Great news, Dream Retro has now moved to the sumptuous and beautiful Alfies Antique Market, Marylebone, in the heart of Central London. Retro and vintage enthusiasts need to know that there is somewhere in Central London that is open every week, somewhere that is easy to locate, and that is run by someone who has...

Desperados European tour 2017

Submitted by catzy (06 July 2017). Topic - Interviews
Four men band Desperados is from Santa Ana, California. They are touring at the moment around the Europe. This several months tour started in May and ends in July 2017. At the tour, there is the soul of the band singer/rhythm guitarist Lou "Slim" Ferns and at the bass the backbone Andrew "Popeye" Iniguez - they...

Dawn Shipley – Rockin’ from Texas to LA

Submitted by catzy (21 March 2017). Topic - Interviews
I was introduced to Dawn Shipley first time by Little Rachel at Green Bay Rockin’ Fest II at 2005. I remember her red hair and her laid back attitude. It seems to be a Texan thing, as I have liked all the female artists that come from there. Even when they are very feminine they...

Artist and Singer. Interview with Marcel Bontempi

Submitted by kitti (20 May 2016). Topic - Interviews
Rockabilly Bash: Let's start from the beginning. You were born in Frankfurt and have both German and Catalan blood in you. Which one filled you with creativity? Marcel Bontempi: I guess very much, the craft and arts stuff come from my Catalan father - he was a sculptor, later changed to architect when he...

 Treat Me Right Solo

Submitted by ducktailcat (18 March 2016). Topic - Online Lessons

The Witch & Silvertooth Loos

Submitted by catzy (03 November 2014). Topic - Interviews
So purrrfect for Halloween that I got brilliant interview from Michelle aka Witch. Read how the swamp sound began and how the Witch became reality. Sometimes the truth is more stranger than fiction! They have Swamp Stompin EP out and there is more to come... How did you and Almon meet eachother? Almon and I...

Lee Dresser

Submitted by rockinev (29 April 2014). Topic - Other
Very very sad news within the rockabilly world that Lee Dresser has passed away on 24 April 2014 after fighting leukaemia for some time. He will be sadly missed and I know I speak for many who saw him at Hemsby only a short while ago that he was magnificent that night I we were all...

Eddie not crying

Submitted by catzy (29 April 2014). Topic - Interviews
I think I heard Eddie Clendening live first time at Green Bay Rockin' Fest 2006. Since then he has grown up to be top class guitarist and singer. I had pleasure to have a word with Eddie before his arrival to Europe next week at Atomic Vintage Festival in UK and put records straight with more...

Jumping At The Jinx Festival

Submitted by rubypearl (15 February 2014). Topic - Other
Rockcafé de Jinx and Rick&Ruby de Bruijn (bandmembers of The Tinstars) organize a great rockabilly festival: Saturday May 24th..! "Jumping At The Jinx" @ Zuiddijk 7 Zaandam! Line-up: The Sureshots The Wiseguyz The Tinstars ft. Ruby Pearl CC Jerome & His Trio The Lateborn Brothers Hope to see you there! :-) The...


Submitted by catzy (12 January 2014). Topic - Interviews
After fantastic gig at Rockabilly Rave I simply had to squeeze few things out of Javier the guitarist-singer or Rip'Em Ups. Their energetic stage show blows your socks or something else off...and only thing you can do is scream!!!! By the way Watts was playing Pat Capocci's guitar at Rockabilly Rave. I wonder how he...

 Slap bass lessons - Lesson 5

Submitted by kitti (18 August 2013). Topic - Online Lessons


Submitted by patbolton (18 June 2013). Topic - Lifestyle
PRISON BLUE JEANS Prison Blues. The original, authentic, prison-constructed blue jean brand. Manufactured by inmates at the Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution in Pendleton, Oregon U.S.A. The Prison Blues© Story In 1989, The State of Oregon was challenged to create jobs for inmates at the Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution. A review was conducted to decide...

Mississippi Queen - Live from Pula (19.05.2012)

Submitted by juanes (11 June 2012). Topic - Gig Feedbacks
Mississippi Queen, first rockabilly bend in Croatia was a headliner of Harley Davidson party in Pula 19.5.2012 which was organised by Twin Horn MC Croatia. Here is video of almost full gig in Pula.
It was truly amazing!!!...

Danger*Cakes: Rock 'N' Roll with Curves!

Submitted by dangerdavid (28 May 2012). Topic - Interviews
Danger*Cakes is an impressive,all-female band from Austin,Texas. Their sound combines elements of pop-punk, rockabilly, 60's R&B, and retro-swing. To see all these ladies rockin' out is amazing! So I grabbed three of them for a quick interview! What do you play and how long have you been in the band?...

The Lucky Bullets

Submitted by catzy (28 May 2012). Topic - Interviews
This amazing interview was done with Tank, the lead singer and guitarist from Lucky Bullets right after their gig in Finland. Very seldom you can get out from anyone such honest and inspiring text. If you have change to catch these guys at Rockabilly Rave or any other place I highly recommend to do it. It...


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