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Sean Mencher's Interview, made after the Goofin Records 20th Anniversary Party in Helsinki, 2004
Submitted by mr_key_pee (09 January 2009). Topic - Interviews
It's sad to notice Sean Mencher, the guitar player of the legendary High Noon, is still not a one of the great rock guitar heroes like Jimi Hendrix, Ritchie Blackmore or Eric Clapton. But it's only due to the fact the time of great rock musicians and guitar heroes has gone. In other case Sean without...
 Slap bass lessons - Lesson 1
Submitted by kitti (17 January 2009). Topic - Online Lessons
 Slap bass lessons - Lesson 2
Submitted by kitti (27 January 2009). Topic - Online Lessons
 Slap bass lessons - Lesson 3
Submitted by kitti (04 March 2009). Topic - Online Lessons
Submitted by catzy (11 July 2011). Topic - Lifestyle
ARRIVING TO SAN ANTONIO AND SAM'S My first impression of Texas was from aeroplane window and it looked much greener than at the Movie Giant. Texans are more relaxed than west coast people and greet when meet regardless do they know you or not. When the sun got down the moist warm air changed...
The 11th Rockabilly Rave, 2007
Submitted by kitti (08 August 2007). Topic - Gig Feedbacks
It is so nice to look back again and remember how it was - my first time at The Rave. And it was better than I expected! It was about 11 pm when I arrived to the Pontins Holiday Centre and the partying had already started. The Barnstompers was the first band I...
The best LA rockabilly singer, miss Abbeygate, opens up about...
Submitted by kitti (25 June 2009). Topic - Interviews
Rockabilly Bash: I have some reasons of interviewing you. First of all you were named the best rockabilly singer in LA, but not everyone seems to know your name. Another big reason is that you are coming to Europe this year for quite a long tour. Those two facts are correct, right? Karling...
The frontman of Flatfoot Shakers, Kieron McDonald, is calling...
Submitted by kitti (01 September 2009). Topic - Interviews
RockabillyBash. How did you discover Rockabilly? Kieron McDonald. My Dad used to listen to a lot of old country hillbilly records like Hank Snow and Hank Williams when I was growing up, and he would let me stay up late on the weekends to listen to his records, (my job was to...
The story of rockabilly in Russia... how did it started?
Submitted by kitti (29 December 2008). Topic - Lifestyle
Looking through my archives I found a story written by a Russian rockabilly musician Kirill Prasalov. I asked myself: who else can describe rockabilly in Russian than a person, who belongs to this scene. This story was created in 2002, so a lot of things have changed since then. In fact, rock'n'roll life is...
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