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Paderbilly's - party gang from Germany
Submitted by kitti (01 December 2007). Topic - Interviews
An exclusive interview with Sky, one of the original members of Paderbilly's - the party gang from Paderborn, Germany. Rockabilly Bash. When did you start to listen to rock'n'roll? Who introduced you to this music? S. Nobody introduced me to Rock'n'roll music, it was part of my heart from my birth....
Whistle Bait at Urho Kaleva Kekkonen in Tallinn
Submitted by kitti (04 December 2007). Topic - Gig Feedbacks
The show of Finnish band Whistle Bait took place on a Saturday night in a small restaurant, called by the name of the first president of Finland Ė Urho Kaleva Kekkonen. It is a very cozy place with some tables by its sides, stage with a huge portrait of the president in the middle of the...
Cruise Inn 25th Anniversary Weekend
Submitted by kitti (07 December 2007). Topic - Gig Feedbacks
23rd and 24th of November were two nights when the Cruise Inn celebrated its birthday. The show must start at 8 pm but by the time we arrived there (around 9 pm) we found the long line waiting to get in. The lineup for Birthday parties was great, so it was the reason for so...
8th High Rockabilly
Submitted by kimmo (09 December 2007). Topic - Gig Feedbacks
8th HIGH ROCKABILLY FESTIVAL IN CALAFELL When our plane landed to the Barcelona Airport on the sunny Wednesday morning, the hottest party on earth The 8th High Rockabilly was about to begin. After driving circa 60 km on a local bus to south-west from Barcelona, we arrived to Calafell, a beautiful little coach town in...
Exclusive interview with James Kirkland
Submitted by kitti (02 January 2008). Topic - Interviews
Exclusive interview for Rockabilly Bash with bass player of Bob Luman and Ricky Nelson - James Kirkland. Rockabilly Bash. When and why did you start playing bass? JK. I tried playing fiddle, guitar, and mandolin and none of them seemed to be working out. The bass was just natural to...
Russian Rockabilly in St. Petersburg
Submitted by dutch (09 February 2008). Topic - Gig Feedbacks
A few years ago I met in Estonia the guys from the Russian rockabilly band The Phantoms. I was impressed by their passion of playing and the authentic style of music. I convinced myself to see them play one time in St. Petersburg in Russia. I always wanted to sea the Hermitage (one of the biggest...
Rockin' Race festival 2008, Torremolinos, Spain
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (18 February 2008). Topic - Gig Feedbacks
Hot weather, blue sea, sun in the mid February? No, it's not why we visited Malaga from 8th to 10th February. We arrived for the best Europian rockin' weekender out there at the moment - The Rockin' Race (in my opinion). Torremolinos, the place where festival takes place, is brilliantly positioned and...
Interview with Bobby Horton from Horton Brothers
Submitted by kitti (04 March 2008). Topic - Interviews
Rockabilly Bash: When was your band formed? Bobby: Billy and I moved to Austin in the summer of 1996 and put together the first incarnation with Derek Peterson on rhythm guitar and Alberto Telo on drums. RB: Did you know then what style you were going to play? ...
Monsters of RockíníRoll, a tribute to Hot Rod Luke 30/03/2008, Hof Ter Lo Belgium
Submitted by jack_billybop (01 April 2008). Topic - Gig Feedbacks
We got there in the late afternoon and by then already 2 bands had played, namely the Mud men and Radio Dead Ones, so canít really say anything about them. The third band was already well into their set so we checked them out asap, this band was called Deadbuster, it was loud and heavy...
Merle Haggard Brings Country Music to the Gallo Center in Modesto
Submitted by kitti (06 April 2008). Topic - Gig Feedbacks
Article is written by Dave Sichak from Friday night - Modesto's newest concert venue paid tribute to the country music roots of the central valley of California by playing host to Merle Haggard. The concert was said to be sold out, but not everyone showed up to sit in their seats. And...
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