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Exclusive interview with James Kirkland
Submitted by kitti (02 January 2008). Topic - Interviews
Exclusive interview for Rockabilly Bash with bass player of Bob Luman and Ricky Nelson - James Kirkland. Rockabilly Bash. When and why did you start playing bass? JK. I tried playing fiddle, guitar, and mandolin and none of them seemed to be working out. The bass was just natural to...
Finn & The Sharks - an interview with Billy Roues
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (11 April 2007). Topic - Interviews
Finn & The Sharks is a New York roots/rockabilly band which has been playing American music since the late 70s during the great rockabilly revival. Their current sound is as great and powerful as it was then. Individually the band members have worked with music legends like B.B. King, Dave Edmunds, Sonny Burgess & DJ...
Imelda May - Colchester Arts Centre - 2 June 2009
Submitted by rockinev (05 June 2009). Topic - Gig Feedbacks
Imelda May for those of you who have not heard of her yet is a Dublin born songstress who manages to mix just about every Ď50ís genre into her repertoire from sultry jazz to all out rockabilly, her most recent album Love Tattoo has been a big success over here and following performances on national TV...
Interview with Bobby Horton from Horton Brothers
Submitted by kitti (04 March 2008). Topic - Interviews
Rockabilly Bash: When was your band formed? Bobby: Billy and I moved to Austin in the summer of 1996 and put together the first incarnation with Derek Peterson on rhythm guitar and Alberto Telo on drums. RB: Did you know then what style you were going to play? ...
Interview with DJ Rudy
Submitted by kitti (30 November 2008). Topic - Interviews
Rockabilly Bash: How long are you in rockíníroll scene? Rudy: More than 20 years already, since 1986. RB: When and how did your DJ-ing career start? Rudy: I started DJ-ing at the age of 25 in local Belgium clubs and bars but not on a regular basis. ...
Interview with Don Woody
Submitted by kitti (07 February 2007). Topic - Interviews
It was taken by Lotta and Kitti specially for the Official Website of Don Woody in December of 2003. Lotta & Kitti : Where were you born? Don Woody : I was born in a very small town in the state of Missouri named Tuscumbia. L.K....
Interview with the guys from 'NICOTYNA' from Mexico
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (04 June 2007). Topic - Interviews
'NICOTYNA' - A neo-rockabilly band from Mexico which was formed 7 years ago. Nicotyna are RUSTY (Double Bass/Vocals), MARYO (Drums/Vocals), GUADALUPE (Guitar/Vocals), NEF (Lead Guitar). Really Rockabilly. Hello guys! There is not much information about your band on Internet. Can you tell us a little about yourselves?. Is Nicotyna your first...
 Jimmy Bryant - guitar tabs
Submitted by lottelou (09 July 2008). Topic - Online Lessons
John Atle Lynghaug, the man behind Rebels Revenge!
Submitted by joana (25 March 2009). Topic - Interviews
I've seen this energetic band from Norway on stage for a few times and I must say, that it's a pleasure to see such an enthusiasm in rockabilly and teddyboy life. Rockabilly Bash: First of all, please, tell me, who you are and where are you from? And the band? JAL:...
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