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Eddie not crying
Submitted by catzy (29 April 2014). Topic - Interviews
I think I heard Eddie Clendening live first time at Green Bay Rockin' Fest 2006. Since then he has grown up to be top class guitarist and singer. I had pleasure to have a word with Eddie before his arrival to Europe next week at Atomic Vintage Festival in UK and put records straight with more...
High Rockabilly 2008
Submitted by dutch (02 January 2009). Topic - Gig Feedbacks
High Rockabilly 2008. Last summer I went for the third time to High Rockabilly in Calafell, Spain. I liked the atmosphere of sun, beach and a lot of rockabilly music. The festival started on Wednesday 10th of September. Following review is my personal insight in how I experienced the festival. It doesn’t say anything about...
Rockin' Race festival 2007, Torremolinos, Spain
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (22 February 2007). Topic - Gig Feedbacks
We arrived a few days before the festival itself to catch the end of Tattooed Lady holiday which was taking place all week before. So on 8 February went to see 'Nicotyna' from Mexico, a wild and still very young rockabilly band. Quite a few people came to watch this relatively unknown gang. They played...
 Slap bass lessons - Lesson 4
Submitted by kitti (05 October 2009). Topic - Online Lessons
Stray Cats - Brixton Acadamy - London 10/09/2009
Submitted by rockinev (11 September 2008). Topic - Gig Feedbacks
Welcome Home! The heros of modern rockabilly were given a huge ovation that even Brian admitted moved him, a triumphant return to the city that welcomed them and their brand of rockin all those years ago. Rumble In Brighton, Double Talkin Baby kicked the show off, but then early in the set there were...
Valga Cruisin' 2009
Submitted by dutch (03 August 2009). Topic - Gig Feedbacks
Once a year in summertime Jari Kuivanen from Dixieland in Estonia, organises the Valga Cruising Festival. People from Finland, Estonia and Latvia are bringing their "old" cars in for the Saturday cruise. According to Estonian rockabillies this is the Estonian rockabilly event of the year! This year Jari invited following bands The...
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