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Aron from Finland!
Submitted by joana (11 February 2009). Topic - Interviews
I met Aron for the first time over ten years ago and saw him on stage. Ever since I've liked his incredible voice and his way of doing things while performing. And he sings a lot of music which Elvis made famous, which is simply great! Certainly he sings also rock'n'roll from the 50's, pop rock,...
Monsters of RockíníRoll, a tribute to Hot Rod Luke 30/03/2008, Hof Ter Lo Belgium
Submitted by jack_billybop (01 April 2008). Topic - Gig Feedbacks
We got there in the late afternoon and by then already 2 bands had played, namely the Mud men and Radio Dead Ones, so canít really say anything about them. The third band was already well into their set so we checked them out asap, this band was called Deadbuster, it was loud and heavy...
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