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Articles » Monsters of RockíníRoll, a tribute to Hot Rod Luke 30/03/2008, Hof Ter Lo Belgium

Monsters of RockíníRoll, a tribute to Hot Rod Luke 30/03/2008, Hof Ter Lo Belgium
Date of Publication -01 April 2008
Topic - Gig Feedbacks
Author of the article: jack_billybop
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We got there in the late afternoon and by then already 2 bands had played, namely the Mud men and Radio Dead Ones, so canít really say anything about them. The third band was already well into their set so we checked them out asap, this band was called Deadbuster, it was loud and heavy streetpunk, canít really recall any of their songs, which youíll find is the case with most of the bands on this afternoon / evening. After this band the stage belonged to some guy, who called himself Ski King. A German Fellow ( i think) who entertained the audience with some soundmix numbers, but no kidding he has a great voice, heard some good tunes, by Johnny Cash, Smokestack Lightning, Elvis, Ö . He sang a few songs on every pause between the bands, so it was something different then usual and quiet a welcome change. Next band on stage The Creepshow. This band hailing from Southern Ontario plays a type of Horrorbilly, somewhat similar to the Horrorpops, but way better. On stage: Sarah Sin on vocals and guitar, Sickboy on Bass, Reverend Mc Ginty on Keyboards and Matt Pomade on Drums, they did a great cover of Pet Cemetery.
The band that was supposed to play next: Deadline cancelled to illness of 2 of their members. So next band on stage: The Klingonz. Well i was in the hall fora bout one second and that was enough for me. Sorry but I donít get it, 4 guys in black thongs and clown make up, plus an actual clown is definitely nothing I wanne see. But maybe this was to prepare the audience for the fag rock band that was up next: The US Bombs. Just one thing to say about this band, awfull. Well let me rephrase that, it was absolute sh*t. plus the singer was so drunk at one point he fell of the stage and had to be carried back to the tour bus. No I donít see the humor in that. I mean if youíre playing a gig, get drunk afterwards. Their or still some people ( believe it or not), that actually would pay to see this band play, and they expect the full band to be on stage and give it all they got ( which I didnít find a lot, but hey not every is entitled to like the same things).
Moving on to the next band: Peter Pan Speedrock from Eindhoven city. Loud and heavy, but good, speedrock. No this was good, ok itís not a band I would buy a cd or anything from, but in this brand of music I get why so many people like them. Itís straight up no nonsense fun. Again no set list I remember. Iíve heard them mention a few of their song titles, but they already slipped my mind. After that it was already time for the last band of the evening, oh wait thatís right, somewhere between the bands on the main stage there was also a band playing in the Foyer, Brent Amaker and the Rodeo. Well if you heard them youíll see why I forgot all about them already. Kind of naggy, very monotone country. It sounded a bit like a cheap copy of the Boss Hoss 78 rpm lp played on 45 rpm. Ok back to the main stage now, the last band of the evening and probably the only reason I went to the gig in the first place: The Legendary Johnny Trash revue. Like the name states a band lead by J.T. with all guest musicians. By the time this band started a lot of the people already went home and the hall felt a bit empty, but that didnít stop these guys from having a good time. A few of the people on stage: Franctic Frankie, Erwin ď ShuttlecockĒ, Lenn on bass, Piet Seatsniffer on Drums, Filip Casteels on guitar, the guy whoís name I keep forgetting played the other guitar ( it sounded something like Jose Carrera but Iím sure thatís not it), The other Seatsniffers joined the band on stage aswell and played a few of their own songs, like: ď LoudmouthĒ, ď Assembly lineĒ. Just to name a few of the other songs this, I guess you could call it an all star band, did: ď TennesseeĒ, ď Honky TonkinĒ, ď Dressed in black todayĒ. The audience couldnít get enough of this band and called them back a few times. But like all good gigs this came to an end aswell, but Iím sure that somewhere up there Luke enjoyed the show as much as we did.

See you all later

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