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Articles » Slap bass lessons - Lesson 5

Slap bass lessons - Lesson 5
Date of Publication -18 August 2013
Topic - Online Lessons
Author of the article: kitti
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The online lessons of slappin’ bass are introduced by Hans Nelemans specially for Rockabilly Bash website.

Explanation of lesson five:

First try to find the A note on the E string.
From there you play the following notes.

1. A (Position 5 on the E string) - C# - E - F# - A - F# - E - C# play 2 times (Bass walk)
2. D (Position 5 on the A string) - F# - A - B - D - B - A - F# play 1 time (Bass walk)
3. A (Position 5 on the E string) - C# - E - F# - A - F# - E - # play 1 time. (Bass walk)
4. E (Position 7 on the A string) - G# - B - C# - E - C# - B - G# play 1 time. (Bass walk)
5. A (Position 5 on the E string) - C# - E - F# - A - F# - E - C# play 1 time. (Bass walk)
(Make it easy for yourself and find the next note the most close by)

As you can see it is the same progress as we did with the key of E.
The benefit of this position is that you can use the same bass lines in different key's.
Okay, if you fully understand what I'm trying to teach you then we move back to the key of E with a new variation in playing the E country style slapping.

First you play a regular E with the lower B. Than E again with the higher B.
Count till 8 as you been thought. Now we are making a new connection to the A.


E 2 times - F# - G#, the next one is A.

Next time I'm going to show you how you can continue with this new variation the E blues scale. Remember we are practicing only with the key of E but everything you've learned can be used in different key's. Try to figure out how it works.

Have fun!

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21 March 2019
Comment by stonewall

Thank you loads for these easy to follow lessons. Please, please, please do another one, ive been waiting 5 years!


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