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(submitted by ckmcconathy - 11 January 2014)

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New Singer for TinStars

02 February 2014
There are some huge news from the Netherlands!

The rockailly band The Tin Stars has a new lead girl...

RIP Sammy Masters

17 March 2013
California Bandleader Samuel Lemaster, known as Sammy Masters, passed away in his sleep on Mar. 8th at age 82. He had...

Brian Setzer's "Rockabilly Riot! Live from the Planet" is on limited edition vinyl

22 August 2012
Brian Setzer’s smash hit “Rockabilly Riot!” tour saw him rock four different continents: Europe, North America, Japan, and Australia! It’s an...

RIP Larry Donn

05 May 2012
Arkansas rockabilly legend Larry Donn died May 1, 2012 at the Hospice House. As many people say, he was an extremely...

Soon you can buy Lee Rocker's wine!

27 January 2012
“Rockabilly Red” wine is going to be available soon (February-March). YOu can find the details at soon!


Latest Comments

This is a great album Pat plays some great guitar, and writes some great lyrics saw him at the Rockabilly Rave one of the weekend highlights....

Thanks Sparklyfred Ill head over to youtube and check this out...

That's a cool review !
Have you seen the Nico Duportal's Music Video "Real Rockin' Papa" ? You could love it !

05 March 2013 by bonjour in RIP Larry Donn
This is the Uncle that I will always love and cherish the memories until my dying day. I miss U unk!! GO REST HIE!! YOUR WORK IS DONE! LOVE U UNK!...

20 November 2012 by ray57 in Bingo - "Back To The Future"
cool band name....

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